Precautionary Measures for Novel Coronavirus:

All hotel areas

  • Applied PrimeShield Residual Antimicrobial Protector in public areas such as lobby, restaurants, Health Club and staff canteen for reducing germs effectively by 99.9% for at least 6 months
  • Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of carpets at entrances with disinfectant every hour; public area such as lifts, elevators, telephones, washrooms and lobby with disinfectant every two hours; clean and disinfect the air-conditioning system at least once per week and strengthen cleaning and disinfection of air filters


Banquet service

  • Ensure the adequate washrooms and Hygiene Check Station within the event venue, banquet staff indicate the location of personal hygiene equipment for event guests


F&B service

  • Increase the distance between the food on the buffet table and put some food in small dishes
  • Strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of air-conditioning system, restaurant and kitchen area including cooking utensils and tablewares
  • Strictly implement food safety guidelines for food handling to ensure food hygiene, such as avoiding prolonged food displaying, placing independent food tongs on buffet table, and monitoring the hygiene condition of restaurants and follow up in due course
  • If guests have special dining requests, hotel will make arrangements accordingly



  • Strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of room facilities including carpet, air-conditioning filter, bathroom air intake vent and bathroom drain, etc
  • If guest is suffered from fever or other influenza-like symptoms, guest will be advised to wear surgical mask and seek medical advice promptly
  • Suggest in-house guests to dine in hotel restaurants or order room service
  • If guests have special room requests, hotel will make arrangements accordingly


Staff measures

  • All food-handling staff must wear gloves and surgical mask during duty
  • Provide staff with guidelines on personal hygiene
  • Strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of staff changing rooms and staff canteen


Health Club

  • Hand sanitizer is provided for guests inside Health Club and gym facilities will be cleaned and disinfected before and after each use
  • Partitions are installed between some gym facilities