“Funtastic” Summer – Into the Dazzling Space

This summer, get ready to have a refreshing staycation with your family and friends! Royal Park Hotel presents you a spectrum of staycation room packages with fun-filled activities, including Space-themed room for kids, Game Zone with Nintendo Switch game, Little Chef Summer Workshop and more to go. Don’t wait and grasp the chance to create lasting memories with your beloved ones!

Get Prize with Hotel Stay
From 6 July until 31 August, 2020, for guest with each booking and staying of specific room packages* can join the lucky draw and win the prize with total value over HK$220,000! Prizes include complimentary stay with buffet, Teppanyaki dinner set and dining coupon etc.!

*For specific room packages please refer to the below details:

Room Package

“Funtastic” Summer – Space Exploration Room Package:

Family Fun Room Package:

Romantic Getaway Room Package:

“Besties Chat & Chill” Room Package:

Hike and Bike Room Package:

Birthday Room Package:

“I Do” Proposal Room Package:


Terms & Conditions for Lucky Draw:

  1. Promotion period starts from 6 July – 31 August, 2020.
  2. Participants must be aged 18 or above.
  3. Participants are eligible to enter into this Lucky Draw upon each booking and staying of the specific room packages* (“Funtastic” Summer – Space Exploration Room Package, Family Fun Room Package, Romantic Getaway Room Package, “Besties Chat & Chill” Room Package, Hike and Bike Room Package, Birthday Room Package and “I Do” Proposal Room Package). With each booking, participants are entitled to enter into the Lucky Draw for one chance and the number of participations is unlimited. Upon check-in at hotel lobby, participants will receive a token which will be used to get a Lucky Egg from the Toy Capsule Machine and then redeem the prize.
  4. Participants must redeem the prize at once at designated counter after the Lucky Draw. Valid HKID or other verification documents must be presented for registration and no authorization is allowed for prize redemption.
  5. Token will not be reissued if lost or damaged.
  6. Prizes cannot be changed for cash or other products.
  7. Royal Park Hotel is not liable for the quality of any prizes.
  8. The values of prizes are listed according to their market prices available and are non-disputable.
  9. Royal Park Hotel is not the sole prize supplier and does not have the responsibility or liability for the quality and conditions of all prizes under all situations.
  10. By participating in the Lucky Draw, participants should read, understand and agree on all the terms and conditions of this campaign provided by Royal Park Hotel.
  11. All staffs of Royal Park Hotel are not allowed to participate in the Lucky Draw.
  12. The lucky draw of first 100 prizes results will be announced and published on 9 September 2020 in Ming Pao and The Standard.
  13. In case of any dispute, the decision of Royal Park Hotel shall be final and conclusive. Participants cannot make any legal claims or demands against Royal Park Hotel for any prize-related issues.

Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.: 53480